Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Last Chance Qualifier USAW Sanction 32-14-02

Sunday August 17 is the the last day to make a qualifying total for the University Championships In September in Albuquerque. If you are a college student, currently enrolled or graduated within the last calendar year, born between January 1, 1986 and December 31, 1996 you are eligible. For registration information and qualifying totals visit http://www.teamusa.org/usa-weightlifting/features/2014/march/11/2014-national-university-championships

So, if you haven't qualified and want to try, we will be hosting a small meet, limited to twenty athletes, Sunday August 17. We will run one big session with women lifting first followed by men. 10 minute break and resume with the clean and jerk. Weigh in will be from 10am-11am, lifting will be begin at noon. You must weigh in between 10-11! You must have a current USAW membership card at weigh in.

All USAW rules apply. Singlets and appropriate footwear required.

We will be warming up and lifting in FWC World Headquarters (the weightlifting room at Flatirons Crossfit, 3640 Walnut Street, Boulder, CO 80301) Sorry no medals, but I will spring for your choice of Ice Cream at Sweet Cow after the meet for anyone who qualifies.

Registration is $20 and you must register online using the following link. Registration closes at 20 people and ends Saturday Aug 16 and 11:59p.m. Please indicate in the notes on your paypal form male or female and which weight class you are entering. You may move up or down a weight class at weigh in if you wish. Use the button below to sign up.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Rocky Mountain State Games Recap

Flatirons Weightlifting Team performed very well at the 2014 Rocky Mountain State Games this last weekend. Thanks to Paul Fleschler and all the volunteers at Red Rocks Crossfit on a very well run meet. This was the largest RMSG weightlifting meet to date with 120 participants.

Starting us off strong in session 4, Jake Sterny had a 5/6 day with an all time PR clean and jerk and total. He took Gold in the 77 kg class with a 90/117/207 performance. That is an 11kg PR meet total for Jake.

Session 5, we were the only team with 69kg senior women competing, so it was a competition between teammates Katie McBeth and Alexis Bennett. Katie ended up taking Gold with a 61/72/133 performance. Alexis kept it close for Silver with a 55/76/131 effort. Alexis had a7kg snatch and 9kg C/J PRs for a 16kg improvement on her last competition, while Katie improved 18kg total over last performance, 10kg snatch and 7kg C/J PRs.

The last session of the day, number 8, was the men's 85kg class with 14 lifters. In the Masters competition, Michael Herring took Gold with a 90/116/206 day, meet PRs snatch, C/J and total. Jim Cushing-Murray competing at 73 years of age put up an 86 kg total for Bronze and meet PR in the snatch. Brian Bender went 108/135/243 for Silver. That was a 14kg meet total PR with 6kg and 8kg improvements in snatch and C/J.

Sunday morning session was our last session of the day with Erica Berzins competing in the very tough +75kg class. Erica has been battling the occasional back issue but has managed to keep practicing, improving and getting more and more consistent. We went for a couple of PR 3rd attempts but they just weren't quite there. Nonetheless, she put up 59/83/142 which was good enough for Silver!

Many thanks to Ben Jaros (L) who officiated one session and then loaded for all our Saturday lifters in the warm up room. He is pictured with 2014 RMSG 77kg champion Jake Sterny.

 Medalists Michael Herring, Brian Bender and Katie McBeth

Monday, July 21, 2014

2014 Nationals Salt Lake City

Quick trip to Salt Lake City to coach Geoff Meyerhoff in the 69kg C session. Geoff had a good meet going three for three in the snatch with a 4kg meet PR 101kg. Jerks didn't go as planned making just one of three attempts. The 127 third attempt would have been a 3 kg meet PR, but it wasn't to be. So 122kg was the mark in clean and jerk for a 223 total, a meet PR total by 2kg.

Did I mention weigh ins for this session were 6 am? And that lifting began at 8 am?

Thanks to Don MacCauley coach for MDUSA for agreeing to share a warm up platform with his two lifters, Steve Brown and Vu Truong. When you have 18 lifters in a session, the warm up room can get chaotic and whatever stability can be put in place there makes a difference.

Geoff and the guys from MDUSA
69kg C Session Introduction

101kg Snatch




Saturday, May 3, 2014

Summer Mastery Program

Starting May 5th, I will be offering an exclusive 12 week Competition Mastery program to the first three athletes to sign up. This program will systematically prepare these athletes for competing at the Rocky Mountain State Games the weekend of July 26-27 in Colorado Springs.

Included are 1 private coaching session each week for 12 weeks, a custom written program, 3-5 days per week of training at Flatirons Weightlifting Club for the months of May, June and July and coaching at the Rocky Mountain State Games.

This summer program is intended for intermediate to intermediate advanced lifters looking to move their games to the next level. Private lessons alone for the summer would cost  $1,200; gym usage $375 and custom programming another $300 so the $1,000 tuition for this program is a good deal.

Sign up now!
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Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Clinics and Certifications

Two biggies this month:

We will be hosting the USAW Level 2 National Coach Certification May 10-11, Paul Fleschler will be leading. For more info and to sign up, click here must be registered by May 5!!!

May 16-18 legendary kettlebell expert Jeff Martone will be leading the Crossfit Kettlebell Certification as well as an additional two, very valuable special interest kettlebell clinics: Friday the 16th the H2H Rotational Strength and  Sunday after the Cert the Kettlebell Sport Clinic. Jeff is one of the few men in the US to attain the ranking Master of Sport in the brutal kettlebell sport Long Cycle event, don't miss this opportunity!

There will be no Weightlifting Club hours either of these two weekends.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Slow Mo Snatch

Shrug Up, Shrug Under, No Shrug?

Triple Extension? Yes, No, Maybe.

Here is the complete video. Please discuss!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Lifting All That Weight: TGIF

Thanks to Austin Finnell for sending me the link for this awesome weightlifting and beer commercial.



Free PBR to the first person who identifies the weightlifter in the commercial.